Internet Disconnection Letter Example I Need To Make A Letter Of Disconnection Of My Internet Line.somebody Help Me?

I need to make a letter of disconnection of my internet line.somebody help me? - internet disconnection letter example

I have to the Internet line I used when I to separate in my own country, but .. There are currently living in Japan and the fall can return to my country, but because of my work here .. I told my mother separated, but the company, unless the custom is, you can personal for me because my name was registered in the application, however, say a letter of resignation from me, accept that my mother will take my place but I do not know what to do to convince the company. Please someone help me write a letter, because I really am worried because my mother always receives a monthly bill, without the use of online --


Sagun said...

Just mention that something like ..

A: The Internet company.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am an account holder (user) in your company. I am currently not in town and plan to stay there, and I must cancel my account.
He is also happy that my wife * Her mother Account InCharge.
Thank you,

Best regards,
Your name ..

Mix to your taste ... :)

banjoman... said...

What have I done in the past, etc.) for each type of service (Internet, telephone, electricity, stop when they are away from the area (and more recently two weeks, he moved 300 miles from home calls me old) since the company was in business to verify the necessary information to what I said I was and it was not included. Service separately.

Actually benefit in terms of a letter from this measure, a copy of his application to the termination of services for future use in litigation who is involved.

The letter should include:
- The name on the account statement
- Address that appears on the invoice
- Services at the end
- The date on which the services must be necessary to fill
- Forward Address to the final bill to send to-end services (to maintain a clean criminal record, as billing if) you need their services again, you will know that the services were terminated
- Signed by you

One thing to remember: You give no reason for dismissalonly on the use.

The only catch is that you have signed a service contract for the duration of a service "and that the time has not expired. In this case, you are legally obligated to pay, until the long" service "course. Then, Interrupt service legally.

Hope this helps.

Elohcin said...

Can you call yourself?

MikeTwo said...

Why not just call them and pretend they are still alive in the address. The only information that they need to include your name, address, interrupt phone, and sometimes birthday, if they have this information.

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